Welcome to the West of Scotland Girls Golfing Association

The West of Scotland Girls Golfing Association was formed in 1956 to encourage girls golf in the West of Scotland.
Membership of the Association is open to any girl resident in the West of Scotland who is under the age of 18 on 1st January 2015, and has a CONGU handicap.
Please note we also have an 18-21 section where girls can compete in the medal competition.
Annual Subscription £20 - this is payable to the Treasurer


    FINAL :  Katie Scott  bt  Jennifer Rankine  2/1
    SEMI -FINALS: Jennifer Rankine bt Lorna McClymont
    Katie Scott bt Eva O'Connor
    BRONZE CHAMPIONSHIP: Rachel Foster bt Bethan Muir


    The Portland Cup match took place over a beautifully conditioned Troon Portland course.
    The annual greensomes match against the Troon Ladies' finished in a half match 2-2.
    The West Girls' Team (Ellie Bryce, Emma Hale, Erin Johnston, Niamh Kinney. Anna McKenzie, Clare McLaughlin, Heather Mushet and Katie Scott) enjoyed their match very much and thanks to Troon Ladies for their continued support of this event. 

  • Fereneze Match 2015

    Sunday 16th August : The Fereneze boys were not up for a defeat again this year!!
    Rachel Foster, Justine Fulton, Niamh Kinney, Emma McAnish, Vivienne McAnish, Lorna McClymont, Claire McLaughlin and Heather Mushet  played in a great match which ended 2.5 -1.5 to Fereneze. Thanks to Fereneze Golf Club for their support and hospitality-very much appreciated by all.

  • Cawder(Keir) Medal

    6th July 2015: CSS 71
    Scratch: Jennifer Rankine 73
    Silver Nett 1st: Katie Scott 68 bih
                      2nd: Dionne Dorricott 68

  • Paisley Medal

    Sunday 24th May :  CSS 74
    Scratch: Megan McInness 88
    Silver Nett 1st: Megan McInness 72
                      2nd: Jan Adams 76
    Bronze Nett 1st: Bethan Muir 72
                       2nd : Megan Docherty 80

  • West v East Girls Match

    West Girls v East Girls MatchThe annual match against the East Girls took place on Sunday 10th May at Bothwell Castle GC. The East Girls were successful in their bid to retain the Mhairi McKay Trophy winning 3-5. 

  • Troon Medal&Development Results

    Sunday 19/4/15

    Medal Results CSS 75

    Scratch : Eva O'Connor(Bothwell) 79

    Silver 1st Nett: Eva O'Connor (5) 74

    2nd: Lorna McClymont ( Milngavie) (16) 75bih

    Bronze: 1st: Jan Adams(Whinhill)(22)77bih

    2nd: Rachel Foster(Turnberry)(21)77

    DEVELOPMENT: 9 holes on Craigend

    U10 yrs : 1st: Emma Canavan

    2nd: Ellie McAllister

    10&11yrs: 1st: Susannah Walsh

                     2nd:Amy Miller

                    3rd: Madaleine Spence

    12+yrs: 1st:Robyn McIntosh

                 2nd: Zara Mason

                3rd : Nicola Bell


  • East Renfrewshire Juniors V West Girls

    East Renfrewshire Jnrs v West Girls' Match
    Sunday 26th April.
    The following West Girls were part of the winning side in the 3-1 victory over the East Ren. Jnrs.
    Well done girls!
    Jillian Farrell & Lorna McClymont won 3/1
    Eva O'Connor & Heather Mushet won 4/3
    Molly Richmond & Lauren Gilbert lost 1hole
    Louise Duncan & Niamh Kinney won 3/2

  • Strathaven Medal Results

    On a very wet day it was great to see 14 girls played in the Strathaven Medal (Tuesday 14th April) and some good scores were recorded too!
    Well done to all the girls for playing but especially to our winners:

    Scratch: Eva O'Connor ( Bothwell Castle)  87
    Silver Nett 1st: Niamh Kinney (Erskine)  (14)  79
                    2nd: Erin Johnston (Lanark) (12)  81 bih
    Bronze Nett 1st: Samantha McKay (Loudoun) (35) 63
                      2nd: Dionne Dorricott (Strathaven) (21) 75
    CSS : 77

  • Barassie Boys Match


    Sunday 15th March 2015

    Great win today for the Girls against the Barassie Boys!!

    Ellie Bryce & Emma Hale  (Capt.)  lost

    Lauren Gilbert & Lori McDonald  won

    Jennifer Rankine & Katie Scott   won

    Jillian Farrell & Molly Richmond   won

    Result  1 - 3  victory to the WEST GIRLS-  Well done team!!!

  • 2014 RESULTS


    Sunday 5th October, Troon Portland GC

    Well done Molly Richmond (Strathaven GC) and Dionne Dorricott (Strathaven GC) on winning the Championship and Bronze Championship respectively.


    Championship Flight:

    Molly Richmond  beat   Jillian Farrell   

    Katie Scott  beat   Kirsten Brown 

    Bronze Championship:

    Dionne Dorricott  beat   Lorna McClymont

    Jan Adams   beat   Abbie Hamilton


    Molly Richmond  beat Katie Scott

    Dionne Dorricott  beat Jan Adams

  • Portland Cup

    The Portland Cup was once again competed for against the Troon Ladies over Troon Portland.

    The eight girl team retained the trophy by winning 3 -1 .

    Well done to all.

  • Fereneze Match

    On a windy day at Fereneze the following girls enjoyed their match and hospitality of the Fereneze Junior Section.

    Jan Adams, Lauren Barbour, Laura Craig , Iona Duff, Justine Fulton, Abbi Kidd, Rachel Smyth and Ellie Wilkie,

    A successful day was had by the girls winning 2.5. to 1.5.

    Great result.

  • Milngavie Medal

    Scratch Erin Johnstone 83
    Silver Handicap:
    1st Erin Johnstone(17)  66
    2nd Niamh Kinney(14)  76
    Bronze Handicap:
    1st Abbie Hamilton(28)  70 bih
    2nd Dionne Dorricote(24) 70

  • Kilmacolm Medal

    Scratch:  Alexandra Qayum  84
    Silver 1st: Erin Johnston (17) 76 bih
            2nd: Alexandra Qayum (8) 76
    Bronze 1st: Iona Duff (36) 81 bih
              2nd: Bethan Muir (33) 81
    CSS   75 (reduction only)

  • Cawder medal

    Scratch Jillian Farrell  76
    Silver Handicap:
    1st Jillian Farrell(5)  71
    2nd Lori MacDonald(10)  73
    Bronze Handicap:
    1st Iona Duff(35)  66
    2nd Jan Adams(21)  72
    CSS 72

  • East Girls v West Girls Match

    East Girls v West Girls Match , Baberton GC
    The East Girls won a very close match 4.5 to 3.5 to win the Mhairi McKay.
    Clara Young lost to Hazel MacGarvie
    Emily Dalgetty bt Ellie Bryce
    Charlotte Munro  halved w/ Kirsten Brown
    Jennifer Allan lost to Jillian Farrell
    Joanne Free lost to Alexandra Qayum
    Lauren Lee bt Lori MacDonald
    Catherine Goodwin bt Lauren Gilbert
    Emma Morrison bt Molly Richmond  


  • Troon Medal & Development

    Scratch:   Jillian Farrell (Cardross) 76
    Silver 1st: Jillian Farrell (6)  70
             2nd: Louise Duncan (West Kilbride) (13) 72
    Bronze 1st: Lorna McClymont (Dumbarton) (33) 73
              2nd: Ellie Wilkie (Greenock) (24) 77
    CSS 74

    Development Medal (Craigend) 9Holes
    1st  Rebecca Houston
    2nd  Rebecca Hale 

  • East Renfrewshire Juniors V West Girls


    Although the result was a loss 3-1 , the West Girls had a good day at East Renfrewshire GC.
    The match results were as follows:
    Connor & David bt Jillian Farrell & Jennifer Rankine 
    Sean & Cameron bt  Louise Duncan & Kirsten Brown
    Tom & Liam bt Niamh Kinney & Laura Craig
    Sophie & Anna lost to Emily Glencorse & Lorna McClymont

  • Strathaven Medal Results

    Scratch:             Katie Scott (Strathaven) 84
    Silver 1st Nett:    Katie Scott (10) 74
            2nd Nett  :  Molly Richmond (Strathaven) (12) 77
    Bronze 1st Nett: Ellie Wilkie (Greenock) (32) 56
               2nd Nett: Elissa Hendry (Strathaven) (33) 62
    14 entries CSS 74

  • Barassie Boys V West Girls

    On Sunday 30th March the West Girls played their first match against the Barassie Boys.

    The following girls were selected to represent the West Girls:

    Jillian Farrell, Lauren Gilbert, Emma Hale, Connie Jaffrey, Heather Mushet, Jennifer Rankine, Molly Richmond & Katie Scott.

    Although historically this is a very tough match, the West Girls left Barassie G.C. with a very respectable half match. 


The West Girls' Association is extremely sorry to hear of the sad news of the death of one of our former girls. Heather Neilson joined the West Girls in 2010 and was very much a regular player in our medals and represented the West in many of their matches including the East v West Match and in the SLGA Inter Division matches at Ballumbie. Heather was a keen golfer and a much liked player with all the girls throughout her many years in the West. Our deepest sympathies are extended to Mr and Mrs Neilson. Heather's funeral will be held on Wednesday 14th of October at Carstairs Village church at 2pm.

SUCCESSFUL FUN DAY-  Great to see 37 girls attend the recent Fun Day at the Glasgow Golf Centre. We received the following letter from Karen Burns:

Dear West of Scotland Girls,

It was a pleasure to see you all on Sunday at Glasgow Golf Centre, thank you for attending and for your effort and attention on the day. As I didn't get the chance to see you all individually, I'd like to summarise the purpose of the tasks you were doing on the day: On the short game area the chipping tasks were variable so that you could practice and try different skills.

The short Chip shot - Yellow cone to Yellow circle

was about the choice of chipping or putting from just off the green.

There is not a right or wrong here, the decision is yours and I would encourage you to choose

what YOU are more confident with. However, I would say generally, the safest shot is likely to be the putter.

The most points at this task on the day was 21points scored by Sophie Kyle, well done Sophie!



The High Lob shot - Green cone to Black and White 6ft Circle required the ability to play a higher shot.

Ideally a Sand Wedge (56degrees) or Greater (Lob Wedge) was required here to give you the best opportunity to clear the bunker and to stop the ball before running through the green. You had to make good connection too if you were to score well at this one. Often when players are faced with this shot they are too focussed on the obstacle instead of committing to the strike of the shot. Club selection is definitely key here though, specifically in faster/firmer conditions.

The most points at this task on the day was 13 points scored by Emma? (in the 5-630pm class), well done Emma!



The Chip and Run shot - Red Cone to Red 3ft circle required, again a choice of club was a decision to be made.

 To play a chip and run you do not need to play a 7iron, you can play a low running shot with a 9iron or even a Lob Wedge if you play it correctly. On a faster green like the one at Glasgow Golf Centre, a low running wedge shot would be ideal and possibly the best of both worlds.

The most points at this task on the day was 19 points scored by Rachel Foster, well done Rachel!

On the Range/Full Swing Area, you covered short full shots with your wedge, medium full shots with your mid iron and Long shots with your Driver or wood. To hit the target area, you needed to make a good contact with the ball and you had to have a good control of the club face position through impact, this is a good start to keeping your ball on target.

Remember, if your ball starts online and then curves inflight offline you may need to have a lesson on your swing direction.

Full Swing with the wedge, 9 girls scored 9/9, with the Mid Iron (7i) 10 girls scored 9/9 and with the Driver only 3 girls scored 9/9. Only 2 girls from the total group of 37 scored 9/9 at each club,

Claire McLaughlin and Alison ? (both in the 5-630pm class). Well done!

Finally on the Putting Green you were to complete 9 holes and record your score.

 Taking each hole as a Par 2, only 3 girls sored Par or Better with Vivien ? the only girl to score under par with a score of 17.

Well done Vivien. Putting will make up approximately 40% of your total score so it is very worthwhile practicing this.

If you do go to practice try similar tasks so that you can get a measure of what parts of your game needs the most improvement. You should try to practice each element of the game of golf at every practice session, not only your favourite bit or the bit you are best at!

If you need any help or advice, please get in touch. I hope you have a great golfing season ahead.

Kind Regards,

Karyn Burns

Advanced PGA Professional
















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