Welcome to the West of Scotland Girls Golfing Association

The West of Scotland Girls Golfing Association was formed in 1956 to encourage girls golf in the West of Scotland.
Membership of the Association is open to any girl resident in the West of Scotland who is under the age of 18 on 1st January 2018, and has a CONGU handicap.
Please note we also have an 18-21 section where girls can compete in the medal competition.
Annual Subscription £25 - this is payable to the Treasurer.


    2018 RESULTS

    PAISLEY MEDAL , 20th May, 2018  (CSS 73)

    Amazing scores over a fabulous looking Paisley golf course.  Well done to seven girls who scored nett scores of the par 74 or less.

    1st Silver  : Orla Rooney (Cowglen) 89 (18) 71
    2nd Silver : Sophie Murphy (Clydebank) 92 (19) 73bih

    1st Bronze : Jennifer Lynagh (Caldwell) 93 (35) 58
    2nd Bronze: Cristina McCracken(Troon Ladies) 98 (29) 69

    Scratch : Megan Docherty (Bishopbriggs) 85  bl3

    Thank you to Paisley GC for their hospitality and courtesy of their beautiful course.

    Troon Portland Medal ,15th April 2018 (CSS75)
    Scratch: Megan Docherty (Bishopbriggs) 86
    Silver Nett 1st : Jodie Graham (Hamilton) (18) 72
    2nd: Orla Rooney (Cowglen) (20) 76bih
    Bronze Nett 1st : Cristina McCracken (Troon Ladies) (30)73
    2nd: Lindsay Main (Strathaven) (31) 78

    Great scoring girls in windy conditions 👍
    Thanks to Troon Ladies for their hospitality and
    continued amazing support to our association😀

    9 Hole Development Competition-15th April 2018
    8yrs:1st : Lucie Barclay 60 2nd : Tammi Grady 3rd : Katie Thyme
    9-10yrs: 1st: Sophia Docherty 54 2nd : Katie Scannell
    11-12yrs: 1st: Mia Thyne 45 2nd : Ella McGrath Well done 👍 #futurewestgirls

    West Girls Medal at Glasgow Gailes -April 2nd 2018.

    17 girls played in tough conditions today at a very cold and windy Glasgow Gailes.
    Fortunately it stayed dry and all the girls seemed to enjoy the experience.
    The lounge was noisy with chatter afterwards which was a good sign!
    Our thanks go to Glasgow Gailes for their warm welcome and courtesy of the course.

    Scores- SSS and CSS still to be confirmed
    Scratch winner-Jennifer Rankine (Haggs Castle)-72
    Silver winner-Sophie Murphy (Clydebank) 90-18=72 Silver runner up-Kittie Maslanka (Kirkhill) 89-16=73 Bronze winner-Jennifer Lynagh (Caldwell) 105-35=70 Bronze runner up-Orla Rooney (Cowglen) 99-24=75

    Barassie Boys v West Girls Match, Sunday 1/4/18
    Barassie Boys 6 : West Girls 2
    Hard defeat but good competitive match for our girls.

    Well done to the above West Girls team, on winning the first match of our 2018 season. 
    The match was played over Balmore GC and it was a great result. 
    Megan Docherty & Katie Graham won 
    Sophie Kyle & Katy Hill won 
    Claire McLaughlin & Freya Russel beaten 
    Jodie Graham & Taylor White half match

    ***2017 RESULTS***
     Milngavie Medal (Monday 24/7/17)  CSS 74R/O
    Scratch : Rachel Foster (Turnberry) 81
    Silver 1st: Sophie Murphy (Clydebank & District) (20) 76
    Bronze 1st: Christina McCracken (Troon Ladies) (30) 78
    Well done to all girls who played this wonderful course on a beautiful & hot summers day.
    Thanks to Milngavie GC for their courtesy of their course and continued support of our association.

    Cawder (Keir) medal results: (Monday 3/7/17)
    Scratch : Susan Woodhouse (East Kilbride) 75
    Silver 1st Nett: Susan Woodhouse(6) 69
    2nd Nett: Katie Graham (Hamilton) (14) 75
    Bronze 1st Nett: Cristina McCracken (Troon Ladies) (30) 74bih
    CSS 72 Well done girls and special congratulations to Susan on a terrific low score 👏
    Thank you to Cawder GC for their continued support and generous hospitality to all our girls.

    Jean McCulloch Trophy
    West Kilbride GC, Sunday 4/6/17
    Silver Nett:
    1st Taylor White ,Cathkin Braes 87(16)71 bih
    2nd Susan Woodhouse, East Kilbride 77(6)71
    Bronze Nett:
    1st Sophie Murphy, Clydebank &Dist (27)74
    2nd Abigail McCafferty, Airdrie (32)76
    CSS 72
    ⛳️Great scoring girls !!!!⛳️

    Sunday 28/5/17 , Cochrane Castle GC
    Great victory for our girls!!!
    Congratulations team!!
    RESULT 6-2
    Jillian Farrell bt Annabelle Hosie 7/5
    Jennifer Rankine bt Anna McKay 5/3
    Louise Duncan bt Eilidh Crawford 8/7
    Kirsten Brown lost to Evanna Hynd 1 hole
    Rachel Foster bt Porcha Wilson 2 holes
    Lorna McClymont bt Eilidh Henderson 2holes
    Justine Fulton bt Carys Irvine 3/2
    W/O game for East

    (Lorna and Jillian missing from photo)

    Paisley Medal (Sund.21/5/17)

    RESULTS:       SSS 74    CSS 74
    Scratch:  Megan Docherty
    Silver 1st Nett:   Kittie Maslanka
    Bronze 1st Nett: Cristina McCracken

    Thank you to Paisley GC for their courtesy of course and support to our West Girls.

    East Renfrewshire Juniors v West Girls Team Match:

    Great result today for team winning our annual match (2 1/2 - 1/2)
    Well done to the following girls:
    Kirsten Brown
    Rachel Foster
    Justine Fulton
    Katie Graham
    Sarah Ramsey
    Susan Woodhouse

    Troon Medal Results-Sunday 16th April-
    1st Silver Nett: Rachel Foster,Turnberry. (6) 72
    2nd Silver : Katie Graham ,Hamilton (14) 75bih
    1st Bronze : Jodie Graham, Hamilton(29)75
    Scratch : Jillian Farrell, Cardross 76

    CSS 75 : Great scores on a wet and cold day -
    well done to all 12 girls who played.

    Our Development Par 3 9 hole competition also went ahead today with 10 girls playing.
    Results: 7-8 Age Group :
    1st: Katie Scannell (Strathaven) 50
    2nd : Katie Thyne ( Caldwell)
    9-10 Age Group: 1st: Ella McGrath (Caldwell)59
    2nd: Annabelle Massey (Strathaven)
    11 Age Group: 1st: Katie Ronnie (Barassie) 46
    2nd: Mia Thyne ( Caldwell)
    3rd : Neve Marshall (Cathkin Braes)
    12-13 Age Group:
    1st: Lindsay Main ( Strathaven) 45
    2nd: Kirsten Alexander (Strathaven)
    3rd: Sophie McGrorty (Elderslie)
    Our thanks to Troon Ladies for courtesy of their courses and clubhouse today -
    as always the ladies support to our association is fantastic.

    Scratch: Lorna McClymont (Milngavie) 79
    Silver 1st Nett Lorna McClymont (6) 73
    2nd Nett: Sophie Kyle (East Renfrewshire) (19) 80
    Bronze 1st Nett Kittie Maslanka ( Kirkhill) (22) 72
    2nd Freya Russell (Troon Ladies) (26) 83
    CSS 74: Congrats to all of the above with special mention to Lorna and Kittie who scored under the CSS👍(CSS 74) .
    Thank you to Cardross GC for allowing us courtesy of their great course and supporting our event ⛳️ ,
    and also thanks to our committee ladies on duty , Gail and Anne.

    BARASSIE MATCH west girls enjoyed a great golfing day on the Barassie links but unfortunately lost 5.5 - 1.5
    Thanks to the Barassie boys for a very competitive match and wonderful hospitality. 


    Portland Cup
    Annual greensomes match against the Troon Ladies was played on Sunday 4th September.
    Julia Henderson/Jan Whyte v Louise Duncan/Emma McAinsh
    Sylvia Muir/Alyson Jamieson v Susan Woodhouse/Vivian McAinsh
    Freda Bunch/Isable McKenzie V Erin Johnston/Niamh Kinney
    All matches went to the 18th green with the Troon Ladies winning (for the first time!)21/2-1/2.
    The girls had a great afternoon and enjoyed their game and the Troon ladies' hospitality.


    Fereneze Juniors v West Girls Match
    Sunday 12th August 
    Stuart Dickson/Bailey Haggety bt  Lorna McClymont/Christina McCracken
    Dominic Reilly/Cameron Haggerty  bt Vivian McAinish/Heather Mushet
    Joe McAuley lost to Niamh Kinney/Emma McAinish
    Fereneze Juniors won 2-1. Great day and thanks to Fereneze for their hospitality and match.


    Monday 18th July Scratch : Lorna McClymont 71 Silver 1st Lorna McClymont 71 (6) 65 2nd Dionne Dorricott 87 (19) 68 Bronze 1st Taylor White 105 (21) 74 Thank you to Milngavie GC for their courtesy and hospitality.


    CSS 73 Silver Scratch : Katie Scott 81 Silver Nett: 1st: Justine Fulton 70 2nd: Megan Docherty72 Bronze Nett:: 1st: Dionne Dorricott 70 2nd: Sophie Kyle 75 Well done girls and big thanks to CAWDER GC for there hospitality and special surprise of allowing courtesy to the Cawder course.


    PAISLEY MEDAL, Sunday 22/5/16, CSS 73
    1st : Alison Macnab, Ranfurly Castle 87(18) 69
    2nd: Rachel Foster,  Turnberry 80(10) 70

    1st Talor White ,  Cathkin Braes  94(22) 72
    2nd Sophie Kyle, Whitecraigs , 97 (23) 74

    Scratch Rachel Foster  80


    Great WIN for the West Girls against the East Girls to bring back the Mhairi McKay Trophy to the west in this years match at Kingsknowe GC. Well done Katie Scott (Capt), Jillian Farrell, Rachel Foster, Justine Fulton, Alison McNab, Jennifer Rankine, Fiona Rattray & Kirsty Stewart.


    Great scores today at Troon Portland in wet & windy conditions.
    Thanks to Troon Ladies for their support and courtesy today.

    CSS 73




  • Development Competition 2016


    Well done to all the girls who attended today's event over the Craigend course.

    10 YEARS & UNDER:
    1st : Robyn Harrison(Mearns Castle) 42
    2nd: Katie Ronnie (Barassie) 45

    11 YEARS & OVER:
    1st Susie Walsh(Troon) 39
    2nd Lindsay Main(Strathaven) 43


    FINAL :  Katie Scott  bt  Jennifer Rankine  2/1
    SEMI -FINALS: Jennifer Rankine bt Lorna McClymont
    Katie Scott bt Eva O'Connor
    BRONZE CHAMPIONSHIP: Rachel Foster bt Bethan Muir


    The Portland Cup match took place over a beautifully conditioned Troon Portland course.
    The annual greensomes match against the Troon Ladies' finished in a half match 2-2.
    The West Girls' Team (Ellie Bryce, Emma Hale, Erin Johnston, Niamh Kinney. Anna McKenzie, Clare McLaughlin, Heather Mushet and Katie Scott) enjoyed their match very much and thanks to Troon Ladies for their continued support of this event. 

  • Fereneze Match 2015

    Sunday 16th August : The Fereneze boys were not up for a defeat again this year!!
    Rachel Foster, Justine Fulton, Niamh Kinney, Emma McAnish, Vivienne McAnish, Lorna McClymont, Claire McLaughlin and Heather Mushet  played in a great match which ended 2.5 -1.5 to Fereneze. Thanks to Fereneze Golf Club for their support and hospitality-very much appreciated by all.

  • Cawder(Keir) Medal

    6th July 2015: CSS 71
    Scratch: Jennifer Rankine 73
    Silver Nett 1st: Katie Scott 68 bih
                      2nd: Dionne Dorricott 68

  • Paisley Medal

    Sunday 24th May :  CSS 74
    Scratch: Megan McInness 88
    Silver Nett 1st: Megan McInness 72
                      2nd: Jan Adams 76
    Bronze Nett 1st: Bethan Muir 72
                       2nd : Megan Docherty 80

  • West v East Girls Match

    West Girls v East Girls MatchThe annual match against the East Girls took place on Sunday 10th May at Bothwell Castle GC. The East Girls were successful in their bid to retain the Mhairi McKay Trophy winning 3-5. 

  • Troon Medal&Development Results

    Sunday 19/4/15

    Medal Results CSS 75

    Scratch : Eva O'Connor(Bothwell) 79

    Silver 1st Nett: Eva O'Connor (5) 74

    2nd: Lorna McClymont ( Milngavie) (16) 75bih

    Bronze: 1st: Jan Adams(Whinhill)(22)77bih

    2nd: Rachel Foster(Turnberry)(21)77

    DEVELOPMENT: 9 holes U10 yrs : 1st: Emma Canavan

    2nd: Ellie McAllister

    11yrs: 1st: Susannah Walsh 2nd: Amy Miller 3rd: Madaleine Spence

    12+yrs: 1st:Robyn McIntosh

    2nd: Zara Mason

    3rd : Nicola Bell


  • East Renfrewshire Juniors V West Girls

    East Renfrewshire Jnrs v West Girls' Match
    Sunday 26th April.
    The following West Girls were part of the winning side in the 3-1 victory over the East Ren. Jnrs.
    Well done girls!
    Jillian Farrell & Lorna McClymont won 3/1
    Eva O'Connor & Heather Mushet won 4/3
    Molly Richmond & Lauren Gilbert lost 1hole
    Louise Duncan & Niamh Kinney won 3/2

  • Barassie Boys Match


    Sunday 15th March 2015

    Great win today for the Girls against the Barassie Boys!!

    Ellie Bryce & Emma Hale  (Capt.)  lost

    Lauren Gilbert & Lori McDonald  won

    Jennifer Rankine & Katie Scott   won

    Jillian Farrell & Molly Richmond   won

    Result  1 - 3  victory to the WEST GIRLS-  Well done team!!!

  • Strathaven Medal Results

    On a very wet day it was great to see 14 girls played in the Strathaven Medal (Tuesday 14th April) and some good scores were recorded too!
    Well done to all the girls for playing but especially to our winners:

    Scratch: Eva O'Connor ( Bothwell Castle)  87
    Silver Nett 1st: Niamh Kinney (Erskine)  (14)  79
                    2nd: Erin Johnston (Lanark) (12)  81 bih
    Bronze Nett 1st: Samantha McKay (Loudoun) (35) 63
                      2nd: Dionne Dorricott (Strathaven) (21) 75
    CSS : 77

  • 2014 RESULTS


    Sunday 5th October, Troon Portland GC

    Well done Molly Richmond (Strathaven GC) and Dionne Dorricott (Strathaven GC) on winning the Championship and Bronze Championship respectively.


    Championship Flight:

    Molly Richmond  beat   Jillian Farrell   

    Katie Scott  beat   Kirsten Brown 

    Bronze Championship:

    Dionne Dorricott  beat   Lorna McClymont

    Jan Adams   beat   Abbie Hamilton


    Molly Richmond  beat Katie Scott

    Dionne Dorricott  beat Jan Adams

  • Portland Cup

    The Portland Cup was once again competed for against the Troon Ladies over Troon Portland.

    The eight girl team retained the trophy by winning 3 -1 .

    Well done to all.

  • Fereneze Match

    On a windy day at Fereneze the following girls enjoyed their match and hospitality of the Fereneze Junior Section.

    Jan Adams, Lauren Barbour, Laura Craig , Iona Duff, Justine Fulton, Abbi Kidd, Rachel Smyth and Ellie Wilkie,

    A successful day was had by the girls winning 2.5. to 1.5.

    Great result.

  • Milngavie Medal

    Scratch Erin Johnstone 83
    Silver Handicap:
    1st Erin Johnstone(17)  66
    2nd Niamh Kinney(14)  76
    Bronze Handicap:
    1st Abbie Hamilton(28)  70 bih
    2nd Dionne Dorricote(24) 70

  • Kilmacolm Medal

    Scratch:  Alexandra Qayum  84
    Silver 1st: Erin Johnston (17) 76 bih
            2nd: Alexandra Qayum (8) 76
    Bronze 1st: Iona Duff (36) 81 bih
              2nd: Bethan Muir (33) 81
    CSS   75 (reduction only)

  • Cawder medal

    Scratch Jillian Farrell  76
    Silver Handicap:
    1st Jillian Farrell(5)  71
    2nd Lori MacDonald(10)  73
    Bronze Handicap:
    1st Iona Duff(35)  66
    2nd Jan Adams(21)  72
    CSS 72

  • East Girls v West Girls Match

    East Girls v West Girls Match , Baberton GC
    The East Girls won a very close match 4.5 to 3.5 to win the Mhairi McKay.
    Clara Young lost to Hazel MacGarvie
    Emily Dalgetty bt Ellie Bryce
    Charlotte Munro  halved w/ Kirsten Brown
    Jennifer Allan lost to Jillian Farrell
    Joanne Free lost to Alexandra Qayum
    Lauren Lee bt Lori MacDonald
    Catherine Goodwin bt Lauren Gilbert
    Emma Morrison bt Molly Richmond  


  • East Renfrewshire Juniors V West Girls


    Although the result was a loss 3-1 , the West Girls had a good day at East Renfrewshire GC.
    The match results were as follows:
    Connor & David bt Jillian Farrell & Jennifer Rankine 
    Sean & Cameron bt  Louise Duncan & Kirsten Brown
    Tom & Liam bt Niamh Kinney & Laura Craig
    Sophie & Anna lost to Emily Glencorse & Lorna McClymont

  • Troon Medal & Development

    Scratch:   Jillian Farrell (Cardross) 76
    Silver 1st: Jillian Farrell (6)  70
             2nd: Louise Duncan (West Kilbride) (13) 72
    Bronze 1st: Lorna McClymont (Dumbarton) (33) 73
              2nd: Ellie Wilkie (Greenock) (24) 77
    CSS 74

    Development Medal (Craigend) 9Holes
    1st  Rebecca Houston
    2nd  Rebecca Hale 

  • Strathaven Medal Results

    Scratch:             Katie Scott (Strathaven) 84
    Silver 1st Nett:    Katie Scott (10) 74
            2nd Nett  :  Molly Richmond (Strathaven) (12) 77
    Bronze 1st Nett: Ellie Wilkie (Greenock) (32) 56
               2nd Nett: Elissa Hendry (Strathaven) (33) 62
    14 entries CSS 74

  • Barassie Boys V West Girls

    On Sunday 30th March the West Girls played their first match against the Barassie Boys.

    The following girls were selected to represent the West Girls:

    Jillian Farrell, Lauren Gilbert, Emma Hale, Connie Jaffrey, Heather Mushet, Jennifer Rankine, Molly Richmond & Katie Scott.

    Although historically this is a very tough match, the West Girls left Barassie G.C. with a very respectable half match. 


Winners at Troon Medal (15/4/18)
Online entries are now being accepted for all of 2018 medal competitions. Good luck to all the girls in the new season.

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